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All movies and characters are tagged. The links are for each specific movie and will take you to all the pages that deal with that particular movie. If you want a specific character, use the search function and type whomever you want to see pages of and all the pages that are tagged with that character will appear. If you do not see a character that you wish to have, be patient I may have it in my collection and you can always ask nicely to see if I have it and will be eventually scanning it.

Anonymous asked: The beautiful coloring pages (thank you, by the way) of the Beauty and the Beast wedding, what coloring book do those come from? I'd like to purchase it. Again, ty for all the hard work


Awh, I’m glad so many people enjoy this blog! There are two wedding books (that I know of) Princess Brides and Wedding Wishes. The BatB pages that are currently on my blog come from the Princess Brides book, but the other book also has their wedding, but completely different pages and different dress designs. It’s pretty interesting.  I have yet to upload any from Wedding Wishes.

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